Casino Strategy – Part 2

For those of you that have been following me on this blog, i want to apologise for the long absence. I was busy with a lot of developements in my personal life, positive ones 🙂

So, I want to come back to a post i publised a long time ago – My casino strategy – as I have been testing this more and more and guess what…it works. I had months that my overall balance was down but when I looked long term then I am in a positive balance. Not just positive but actuall very positive.

So bottom line is that this casino strategy works! So why I am cfreating a part 2? Firstly to conform that it works and secondly because I developed this casino strategy a bit.

My Casino strategy – Part 2: Dont play the same slot games that have paid you out big before

In my previous strategy post I talked more about the take the money and run strategy which was more bankroll related.

what I am recently doing which proved to be sucessfull until now at least is never play the same game again when it ha paid me out. So when i land a big win at William Hill for example playing Guns and Roses Slot game, I wont play that game again the next month when I can deposit again. I will give that game a break and I will only play it when I ran out of options…which is very difficult if you think of how many slot games there are out there.

what i will do instead is play the same game in a different online casino, hoping for another big win there!

That is my update for now, I will keep you posted with further developements!

My Online Casino Resource List

When i first started gambling online, I have to admit i was a bit confused. I still remember the day that I opened an account with betfair. I had heard that if you are betting online, the exchange is the best place to do it as the odds are better etc. Well, that’s what someone told me at least and since I was a newbie in online betting i didnt even double check it.

I just thought, I will open a betfair account and place my bets there. Until then i only had one other account, i think with sporting bet.

So i opened my account, managed to register a card and made a deposit. I thought i had everything figured out until the moment that I went to check the odds for a game. Thats were I ve lost it…I had no idea what i was looking at…different boxes, back, lay, weird odds. I thought, i best chat to customer services to get some answers to  a few questions I had.

When I think back to that chat conversation with that poor guy from betfair CS, i feel sorry for him. He probably thought i was a total idiot, I had no idea how betting works or I was just taking the piss. Anyway…these days have gone and now i am an experienced online gambler that have my own blog where i discuss gambling, casino games etc…it all took me 15 years to learn 😉

My Online Casino Resource List - Kooza Bonus round

My main point on this blog post is not to describe how naive i was back then but how easy it is today for players to find all the information they  want online before the start playing casino games, place bets or gamble in general. There are so many informative sites out there and all that someone needs to do if they don’t know something is google it!

After 15 years of online gambling I have a few favorite online sites that I always visit when i want to get answers to any questions and that i always recommend to my friends.

Al Pacino Casino Movie

I will just give you a short list with my top ones

  • For live casino games my favorite site is . These guys have helped a lot in the last few years to understand better some casino games, replied to some emails I ve sent them with very details answers and they have also recommended some of the sites below! I have to admit I i have a weak spot for this site thus  its on the top of my list.
  • When it comes to poker i visit
  • For slot games there are a few sites but i usually go to
  • Finally for Strategies and Tips i have to admit that i learned a lot by trial and error but also from

So these are my favorite, bookmarked sites. This doesn’t mean that i don’t visit other sites or that i only recommend these. I have a lot of friends that don’t like to visit any review or information / tips sites because they think they can learn everything on their own. Every time we discuss this subject we end up to agree to disagree. People have different opinions and there is no point arguing some time.

p.s. The image is from a recent slot game i played called Kooza. Initially i thought wow what a fantastic game, with many features relatively nice graphics , nice payouts.

My excitement only lasted a few days…when i played the game again and again it seemed that the features have stopped paying and the payouts where so low…I ended up ditching this game and promised to not play it again…I guess i was very lucky that first day. As I have already mentioned i previous blog post, when its not fun then i stop…so i followed my own advise and ditched the “not fun” game!


New Year – The Future is Here

Happy New Year everyone!

We are now in 2017  and we are actually living the future! If you are born before 1990 then you will definitely remember watching sci fi movies starting with a scene from 2020…the future where everything was robotic, cars were flying etc…Well we are almost there, technology has evolved tremendously in the last 2 decades with driver-less cars and robots are on their way and so are flying cars. We are not there yet but getting closer and closer!

The future is here for online casinos as well

Like every other sector that has evolved the last couple of decades so did casino games. I mean i remember back in the days when the only way I could play a game of blackjack was to take the bus and head to a local brick and mortar casino. Even then there was only one table and had to wait ages to tale a seat. Things have changed now! There are 10 land based casinos in my city and if i want i don’t even have to go there to play. I can just play online!

Thats how technology has helped us make our entertainment a bit easier! No hassle, home entertainment! No need to put my jeans on, I can just chill on my sofa, watch football and at the same time play a few hands of poker or Blackjack! But technology has evolved even more…and not only I can now play roulette, blackjack, poker etc from the comfort of my own house, i can also play with live dealers as well, just like a real brick and mortar casino! More and more games ( almost every game actually) are now available to play with live dealers which makes it even better!


So lets see what the future holds for us! Maybe the virtual reality casinos will become the next norm thing ( yeah why not? Could anyone image that you will be able to play with live dealers from your home 20 years ago?). Maybe we could just bring the virtuar reality in our houses with a full casino floor around us, with or without a VR headset!

Lets see then! Looking forward to it!

Happy New Year again!

My casino strategy – bankroll related

So  i have already told you that i have worked for online casinos for more than 15 years. Thats more or less the amount of time I play casino games online as well. Before that i used to go to my local casino maybe once every 2-3 months and most of the times it wassnt even planned. I still do that but I play mostly online. After all these years i found a way that I can make sure I am not losing in the long term – at least in theory- ;). Let’s have a look at my casino strategy!

I noticed that most of the people that were losing in the long term where doing the same mistake. Deposit more than what they withdraw. So i figured out I can try not to do this with this strategy.  It’s what i call take the money and run bankroll strategy!

My casino strategy – Take the money and run bankroll strategy

You are probably wondering by now…what the fuck is he talking about?! Let me make something clear first. I gamble for fun and always with moeny that I have spare. So instead of going to the shops and spending £100 on clothes every month ( I still do that some months) or go out 3 times a week and spend £100 on booze (at least!) I prefer to balance things a bit. So a bit of shopping , a bit of booze, a bit of women 😉 and a bit of gambling!


The money and run bankroll strategy is quite simple and is based on the principle that when you win, you need to take the money and enjoy your winnings. What most casino players do is : they make x amount of money on Friday, withdraw their winnings, then next week they go back to that casino and deposit their winnings and sometimes end up losing it. So total profit after 1 week ? Usually 0 if not minus…

So here is my casino strategy, always based on the fact that you play for fun and for pure enaertainment.

  • Set deposit limits on every online casino that you have. The amount depends on what you feel confortable.
  • When you win or when you are done for the day and have a positive balance, withdraw the money from your account!
  • When you want to play again you can play on another online casino but up to the limit that you have set

So, now some of you are thinking…this doesnt make sense. Why would i set deposit limits when i can deposit in another casino? Well thats the trick. You can only deposit an x amount on every casino which means that you might not be able to deposit as much as you won the week before.

So let’s say you have 5 accounts and a £50 limit on each.  So the maximum you can potentially lose is £250. You play on a couple of them and on one of them you get a good ran and win £400. So you are £150 up whatever happens after that. If you win a few more pounds in another casino even better!

I found myself in situation of winning £300 one day from a £50 deposit and then by the end of the week i have lost them all and had to deposit another £50 to continue playing. Thats because i was thinking that i am playing with my winnings anyway but when i ended up losing all my winnings i couldnt stop thinking what a stupid move that was.As I said I gamble as a hobby, however its always satisfying when you know that your hobby makes you £200-£300 extra a month!

So that’s my take the money and run bankroll strategy, i hope you find it usefull and try it at least!


My favourite casino games

This is the first post on this blog so I will just list the casino games that I like playing the most. As i have already mentioned in my about me page, I like playing almost every casino game as gambling is a hobby for me and a way I can entertain myself.  However, there are some games that I enjoy playing the most.

Ok lets have a look at my favourite casino games list


  blackjack-1509566 It is my favourite casino game despite the fact that you cant win big unless you bet a lot but this is the case with almost every other casino card game. Blackjack is definitely one of the most popular casino games anyway so its not a surprise that is on the top of my list. Maybe its the low house edge that you can get if you follow basic strategy, maybe its the attractive live dealers online 😉 😉 but i always end up spending most of my time playing that game. Unless I have a very bad day, I usually win or lose a small amount so at the end of the day, i enjoy my time. I always play live blackjack, its much better than the computerised version – who plays the computerised version in our days anyway!


gladiator-slot-game-bonus-roundI know that this is a controversial one and possible a casino game that has the worst house edge…but if you win big , you win big! I have landed a few big wins and enter the jackpot rounds 3 times until now but didn’t win any significant life changing amounts. I think the most was around £500 on a marvel jackpot. Slot games can be proved very dangerous for your bankroll if you dont play according to what you can afford. So my advise is play according to your bankroll and when you hit a big win or a bonus round…go to another game 😉


online-poker-2I think most casino players love poker and that’s not a surprise because poker is not so much a game of like – like roulette for example – but a game of luck , strategy and also psychology. Poker has become more popular especially in the last 10 years because of the broadcasting of WSOP and other major tournaments. People could then see how big players play and how much they are winning simply by playing a card game and thought…i can do that as well. That’s exactly what I though as well despite the fact that I have never won any major amount ad I have tried cash games, sit and go , tournaments etc…nothing…but for a weird reason I still love playing this game!


cards-1066386__180I couldn’t leave roulette out of that list not because its so popular but because I always have a sneaky bet on roulette. Sometimes I just go red or black to double my money and go play slots…a strategy which doesn’t always pay of course… I have tried so of the roulette systems but I haven’t succeeded because i didn’t have the patience or the bankroll some times so now i just play for fun with small amounts

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em

playing-cards-1010607_640This is one of my recent favourites. Apparently this game is popular in Las Vegas and now its also available online. I think its a great game and i really enjoy playing this with love dealers. Not all online casinos have this game at the moment but I have accounts with more than 10 online casinos so its easy for me to find it!

So these are my top casino games, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I will update you next week with my first update of my gambling journal