My casino bankroll strategy

So  i have already told you that i have worked for online casinos for more than 15 years. Thats more or less the amount of time I play casino games online as well. Before that i used to go to my local casino maybe once every 2-3 months and most of the times it wassnt even planned. I still do that but I play mostly online. After all these years i found a way that I can make sure I am not losing in the long term – at least in theory- ;).

I noticed that most of the people that were losing in the long term where doing the same mistake. Deposit more than what they withdraw. So i figured out I can try not to do this with this strategy.  It’s what i call take the money and run bankroll strategy!

Take the money and run bankroll strategy

You are probably wondering by now…what the fuck is he talking about?! Let me make something clear first. I gamble for fun and always with moeny that I have spare. So instead of going to the shops and spending £100 on clothes every month ( I still do that some months) or go out 3 times a week and spend £100 on booze (at least!) I prefer to balance things a bit. So a bit of shopping , a bit of booze, a bit of women 😉 and a bit of gambling!


The money and run bankroll strategy is quite simple and is based on the principle that when you win, you need to take the money and enjoy your winnings. What most casino players do is : they make x amount of money on Friday, withdraw their winnings, then next week they go back to that casino and deposit their winnings and sometimes end up losing it. So total profit after 1 week ? Usually 0 if not minus…

So here is my strategy, alwasy based on the fact that you play for fun and for pure enaertainment.

  • Set deposit limits on every online casino that you have. The amount depends on what you feel confortable.
  • When you win or when you are done for the day and have a positive balance, withdraw the money from your account!
  • When you want to play again you can play on another online casino but up to the limit that you have set

So, now some of yo are thinking…doesnt make sense, tihs guy is a looney. What would i set deposit limits when i can deposit in another casino? Well thats the trick. HYou can only deposit an x amount which means that you might not be able ot deposit as much as you won the week before.

I found myself in situation of winning £300 one day from a £50 deposit and then byt the end of the week i had to deposit another £50 to continue playing. Thats because i was feeling generous and because i was thinking that i am playing with my winnings anyway.As I said I gamble as a hobby, however its alwasy satisfying when you know that your hobby makes you £200-£300 extra a month!

So that’s my take the money and run bankroll strategy, i hoep you find it usefull and try it at least!