Casino Strategy – Part 2

For those of you that have been following me on this blog, i want to apologise for the long absence. I was busy with a lot of developements in my personal life, positive ones 🙂

So, I want to come back to a post i publised a long time ago – My casino strategy – as I have been testing this more and more and guess what…it works. I had months that my overall balance was down but when I looked long term then I am in a positive balance. Not just positive but actuall very positive.

So bottom line is that this casino strategy works! So why I am cfreating a part 2? Firstly to conform that it works and secondly because I developed this casino strategy a bit.

My Casino strategy – Part 2: Dont play the same slot games that have paid you out big before

In my previous strategy post I talked more about the take the money and run strategy which was more bankroll related.

what I am recently doing which proved to be sucessfull until now at least is never play the same game again when it ha paid me out. So when i land a big win at William Hill for example playing Guns and Roses Slot game, I wont play that game again the next month when I can deposit again. I will give that game a break and I will only play it when I ran out of options…which is very difficult if you think of how many slot games there are out there.

what i will do instead is play the same game in a different online casino, hoping for another big win there!

That is my update for now, I will keep you posted with further developements!