New Year – The Future is Here

Happy New Year everyone!

We are now in 2017  and we are actually living the future! If you are born before 1990 then you will definitely remember watching sci fi movies starting with a scene from 2020…the future where everything was robotic, cars were flying etc…Well we are almost there, technology has evolved tremendously in the last 2 decades with driver-less cars and robots are on their way and so are flying cars. We are not there yet but getting closer and closer!

The future is here for online casinos as well

Like every other sector that has evolved the last couple of decades so did casino games. I mean i remember back in the days when the only way I could play a game of blackjack was to take the bus and head to a local brick and mortar casino. Even then there was only one table and had to wait ages to tale a seat. Things have changed now! There are 10 land based casinos in my city and if i want i don’t even have to go there to play. I can just play online!

Thats how technology has helped us make our entertainment a bit easier! No hassle, home entertainment! No need to put my jeans on, I can just chill on my sofa, watch football and at the same time play a few hands of poker or Blackjack! But technology has evolved even more…and not only I can now play roulette, blackjack, poker etc from the comfort of my own house, i can also play with live dealers as well, just like a real brick and mortar casino! More and more games ( almost every game actually) are now available to play with live dealers which makes it even better!


So lets see what the future holds for us! Maybe the virtual reality casinos will become the next norm thing ( yeah why not? Could anyone image that you will be able to play with live dealers from your home 20 years ago?). Maybe we could just bring the virtuar reality in our houses with a full casino floor around us, with or without a VR headset!

Lets see then! Looking forward to it!

Happy New Year again!