My Online Casino Resource List

When i first started gambling online, I have to admit i was a bit confused. I still remember the day that I opened an account with betfair. I had heard that if you are betting online, the exchange is the best place to do it as the odds are better etc. Well, thats what soneone told me at least and since I was a newbie in online betting i didnt even double check it.

I just thought, I will open a betfair account and place my bets there. Until then i only had one other account, i think with sportingbet.

So i opened my account, managed to register a card and made a deposit. I thought i had everything figured out until the moment that I went to check the odds for a game. Thats were I ve lost it…I had no idea what i was looking at…different boxes, back, lay, weird odds. I thought, i best chat to cutomer services to get some answers to  a few questions I had.

When I think back to that chat conversation with that poor guy from betfair CS, i feel sorry for him. He probably thought i was a total idiot, I had no idea how betting works or I was just taking the piss. Anyway…these days have gone and now i am an experienced online gambler that have my own blog where i discuss gambling, casino games etc…it all took me 15 years to learn 😉

My Online Casino Resource List - Kooza Bonus round

My main point on this blog post is not to describe how naive i was back then but how easy it is today for players to find all the information they  want online before the start playing casino games, place bets or gamble in general. There are so many infomative sites out there and all that someone needs to do if they dont know someting is google it!

After 15 years of online gambling I have a few favourite online sites that I always visit when i want to get answers to any questions and that i always reccomend to my friends.

Al Pacino Casino Movie

I will just give you a short list with my top ones

  • For live casino games my favourite site is . These guys have helped a lot in the last few years to understand better some casino games, replied to some emails I ve sent them with very details answers and they have also reccomended some of the sites below! I have to admit I i have a weak spot for this site thus  its on the top of my list.
  • When it comes to poker i visit
  • For slot games there are a few sites but i usually go to
  • Finally for Strategies and Tips i have to admit that i learned a lot by trial and error but also from

So these are my favourite, bookmarked sites. This doesnt mean that i dont visit other sites or that i only recommend these. I have a lot of friends that dont like to visit any review or information / tips sites because they think they can learn everything on their own. Every time we discuss this subject we end up to aggree to dissagree. People have different opinions and there is no point arguing some time.

p.s. The image is from a recent slot game i played called kooza. Initially i thought wowo what a fantastic game, with many features relatively nice graphics , nice payouts.

My excitement only lasted a few days…when i played the game again and agan it seemed that the features have stopped paying and the payouts where so low…I ened up ditching this game and promised to not play it again…I guess i was very lucky that first day. As I have already mentioned i previous blog post, when its not fun then i stop…so i folloed y advise and ditched the “not fun” game!